Ammolite Heart shape

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Heart Shaped Ammolite Triplet

Heart shaped Ammolite cabochon faceted Quartz with very rich and vibrant colours. This piece is ready to made into pendent, necklace, earrings, and other fashionable accessories. This makes for perfect gift for Yours. 

All of our Ammolite pieces are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Each item is inspected by hand and individually wrapped after it is created to ensure that we send only the finest possible quality we produce. Please note that due to the nature of  hand crafted Ammolite, there may be subtle variations in the finish from piece to piece. Some pendants have been polished to a high luster that can be easily scratched, we ask that you please handle each item with care.


Quick Details

Brand Name:              Ammolite World

Model Number:         A138

Product Name:           Ammolite Natural Colour Triplet

Gemstone Type:         Natural Ammolite

Gemstone Shape:       Heart Shape Cut Quartz 

Gemstone Colour:      Green, Red, Blue

Gemstone Material:   Ammolite 

Gemstone Size:          15x15 mm

Gemstone Weight:     4.5CT 

Made In:                      Canada